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NO*NevaSky's Isidor

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Born: 2023-01-23
Blue solid


Blood type A 

Giardia neg 2023-05-26

Tritrichomonas fetus neg 2023-05-26

Cryptosporidium neg 2023-05-26

Vaccinated according to program

Isidor was born on 2023-01-23. The day before our princesses in the E litter were born.
He comes from breeder Mia Vårli who has NO*NevaSky's in Oslo.
Isidor is a very social guy who lives with the fodder host couple Calle and Kajsa, where he is accompanied by our Princess  Eleanor. She is now a neutered cat lady. Isidor and Eleonore follow master and mistress from room to room. They found each other immediately and  fool around and sleep together.

If everything goes as I think, Isidor will become our breeding male in the spring of 2024. He will do health tests in January/February 2024.

Isidor will be loaned to a single female, apart from my own. 
To borrow him, a family name is required, a DNA test from e.g. MyCatDNA (incl. blood group), the same health tests that he has to do; HCM and PKD scanning, FIV and FeLV as well as the above mentioned parasite tests.

neva masquerade, neva masquerade breeders, neva masquerade kittens

His Shows:

GO, Karlstad

2023-07-01, Annika Berner

Ex 1, class 12

2023-07-02, Lena Björkander

Ex1, class 12

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