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Buying a kitten from us 

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SEE*Corda Dreams' Royal Ascot

I am selling our kittens to lifelong and loving homes, where they get to be part of the family. I am very concerned that our kittens go to the right home.  Therefore, it is not "first come" that applies. I want to know what you want from the cat: sex, companionship, show or breeding, to be able to help you choose a kitten.  However, I cannot provide any guarantees on breeding and exhibition results.

I only use breed-typical cats in breeding with good temperament.  As far as possible, I choose exhibited cats with judge judgments. I make sure that the cats are healthy, (without defects such as hooked tail and cross-eyed) typical of the breed and with a good temperament. 

As an affiliated SVERAK breeder, I use their agreement.

Our cats are raised in a loving home, where each cat has been given a lot of time each. They are room clean, and used to peewee box. The kittens can be picked up at 14 weeks old at the earliest. They get kitten packages, toys they like and blankets that smell of security. 

A kitten letter with tips and advice is sent before it is time to pick up your cat.

Our cats are sold as indoor cats with the option of being outside on a leash, netted patio/balcony or cattery.

If you are interested in buying a kitten from us, please send us an email and tell us a little about yourself, what you can offer for a home for the cat and what you want for a cat.

The kittens:

Has pedigree registered in SVERAK

Are ID marked with a chip

Fully vaccinated, 2 times

Veterinary inspected within 7 days

Has hidden fault insurance in Modern Insurance.

Brings kitten packages.

Is at least 14 years old. 

After the adoption:

I would like an update on how your kitten is doing. I would also like an annual update on the cat's development. 

I am always available for questions during the cat's lifetime. 

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SE*Corda Dreams' Princess Asha

What does:


If I have a buyer who I think fits the cat very well, there is the possibility of making a verbal reservation. Then it is incumbent on both parties to notify as soon as possible if regrets occur. This means that I may put other buyers on a waiting list if they so wish.


Tingad means that the down payment has been paid and we have signed a written agreement according to SVERAK.

The court fee is only refunded if there are any objections to the veterinary inspection.

When the cat is pledged, it means that I refuse other buyers in favor of you.

Spawning is done at the earliest in connection with a visit to us, when the kittens are at least 6 weeks old.


​Sold means that the entire amount has been paid and that a transfer agreement according to SVERAK has been written.  Payment takes place before or in connection with delivery.

A warning!

All cats sold without a pedigree on Blocket are domestic cats. They are sold under the pretense of being purebred and often cost around SEK 8,500. They are cheap because they don't follow health programs/have breeding bans/lack genuine pedigree. No purebred Neva Masquerades are sold for that price. Buyers cannot arrange a pedigree for their own cat. Only the breeder can do that. The only time they are not included is if they are under registration with SVERAK, then you get a "Certificate under registration" on it from the breeder. 

The pedigree is not only for those who want to exhibit or if you want to breed. The pedigree is a guarantee that the breeder is a member of an association affiliated to eg SVERAK which is affiliated to FIFe, and thus complies with rules, laws and statutes that regulate breeding and sales.

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