IC SE * Aurora Stars Cordelia and daughter SE * Corda Dreams´  Whoopsie Daisy longs for summer, just like we do.

My thought is that Whoopsie Daisy will do health tests in the fall of 2022, in addition to the DNA test she has already done.

Then we will see if we can start planning any litter.

Therefore, we have a short break in our cat breeding and welcome you back this fall, 2022.

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I am interested in a kitten from SE*Corda Dreams'!

Thank you for your interest!
I will get back to you shortly.


På Rakkestads Internationella Kattutställning i Norge den 23/10 2022 blev Whoopsie Daisy Grand Internationell Champion! 

GIC SE*Corda Dreams´  Whoopsie Daisy!

Corda BIS.jpg

At Ölstykke's International Cat Show in Denmark on 7/8 2022, Corda became Grand International Champion!  

GIC SE*Aurora Stars Cordelia

Miss Audrey Hepburn

Feed host

To be able to continue my breeding work, I will need a feed host for a female later on. This means that she lives with you and you take care of her as your own. However, she is owned by me until the agreement is fulfilled. I use SVERAK's feed value agreement, which means that I can take two litters of her before she passes into your possession (free of charge). During that time, I have the right to exhibit her and visit you regularly. You should live in Gothenburg and the surrounding area. If it sounds interesting, feel free to write a presentation of what you can offer for her home. 

To find out more read  here.


Neva Masquerade rasring FörNEM

FörNEM -The association Neva Masquerade Sweden

You have not missed that there is an association for Neva Masquerade?

FörNEM is an association / race ring that wants to gather everyone who is interested in the breed. There you will find, among other things. information such as the breed, breeders, advertisements, competitions etc. Feel free to go in and become a member!