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Welcome to SE*Corda Dreams´

Breeding of Neva Masquerade

With beautiful Classic Colourpoint mask.

My name is Joanna and I live with my son in Gothenburg.  

I am a member of the cat club Spinneriet, Certified Breeder in SVERAK, affiliated to FIFe.

Jag breeds cats that are classic Colourpoint masked.This means that they have a light body with a darker mask on the face, onthe legs including the pawsand tail.

I have a small, exclusive breeding where I put quality over quantity. Exclusive in the sense that I don't have litters very often and try to use breeding lines that are not in many pedigrees. A SE*Corda Dreams' cat is a bit of a rarity.  


neva masquerade, neva masquerade breeder, neva masquerade breeder, Lönnekullas, alohomora paws, aunt piggelins, snowy sapphire, salt lake boos neva masquerade

As a breeder, I have a responsibility towards the breed, everything from care, genetics, heredity, diseases and breed standard to the kitten buyer, taking into account SVERAK's and FIF.e's statutes and rules. 

I am very keen to put the health of the cats above all else. Health tests are therefore important in my breeding work, as it is important that we keep the breed healthy. My breeding animals are primarily dear family members who have fantastic temperaments, including   the males I borrow. 

The kittens grow up in a loving home environment and become harmonious and safe.

I find it nice and interesting to participate in cat shows, and have made many good friends through them. 

I have attended Pawpeds G1 and G2, (waiting for G3), as well as the certification course that SVERAK has for a Certified Breeder, which is a quality assurance when you buy your cat.

I am one of the founders and involved in For NEM, the Neva Masquerade Association Sweden.

I longed for a cat for a long time since my dear house cat Tussie died. This time I wanted a cat that was comfortable indoors. Therefore, I started looking for a breed cat. 

I  have always thought classic masked cats were nice and first thought of buying a Holy Birman. I was told about the often hypoallergenic Siberian cat.I started reading everything I could find. Then the sibling breed Neva Masquerade appeared, which was also masked! 

I absolutely fell in love!

And finally happy owner of Corda!

If you want to see more of the cats, please go to the links below to Facebook or Instagram. More continuous updating takes place there.

corda dreams, neva masquerade, ic se*corda dreams princess asha, neva masquerade, neva masquerade breeder
Uppfödarettan, utbildning, SVERAK
Uppfödarettan, kurs, SVERAK
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