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Why feed value?

To get a chance to continue my breeding work, I need the help of feed hosts.  It gives me the opportunity to continue to improve and evaluate my lines and work forward for the breed Neva Masquerade.

In order for my cats at home to feel good and be in balance, I can therefore not have as many cats as I want.  


I am looking for feed hosts who can give our cats a lifelong home. It is thus a forever-home, which requires a little more interest, time, responsibility and commitment.


You as a feed host:

  • Feed hosts are chosen with the utmost care, where personal chemistry and the ability to work together are of the utmost importance.

  • You should be well acquainted with the Neva Masquerade breed and wish for this particular breed.

  • You do not have other fertile cats at home, a neuter is fine, but I prefer that she is a solitary cat.

  • You live in Gothenburg.

  • Have the opportunity to take time off in connection with childbirth, (I will also be involved), and be prepared to be at home if the kittens need support feeding for a few weeks.

  • You must be able to guarantee that the cat can be an indoor cat. That ev. balconies or patios are secured so she can not slip. Couples walks and cat farm are going well.

  • You have the opportunity to receive kitten buyers in your home.



  • Want a Neva Masquerade cat, but do not want full responsibility for show and breeding.

  • Is interested in show and breeding and maybe in the future wants to start his own breeding.

  • Is interested in the breed and can imagine contributing to its development.


Practically speaking:

Being a food host means that I own the cat, even though she lives with you and you take care of her as your own. However, the cat needs to be available to me as I have the right to exhibit and use her in my breeding work during the feed hosting period. The best thing is if you are interested in exhibitions and follow the exhibitions yourself. I want an assessment of her and would like to see her be Champion before she gets her two litters.

In order to have time to take two litters, a feed host extends over a maximum of 5 years, during which we need to be able to have a lot of contact. I need to meet her regularly for her to accept that I handle her at shows. That is why it is important that we live close to each other. I need and will be on hand during the birth and the kitten period as I need to follow the kittens' development and also meet the buyers. It is possible to write in the agreement that the female will give birth to the kittens with the owner, ie. at my place. This can be read about in SVERAK's agreement, see link below.

As a breeder, I am responsible for the kittens that grow up in my family name.



The female is carefully selected to have the best conditions according to breed standard at show and for breeding.

If the female should turn out to have any disease or be infertile, the female passes into the possession of the feed host after veterinary assessment.

The female is neutered after her litters before she passes into the feed host's possession.


The financial part:

During the feeding period, I am the owner of the cat and pay for her life and veterinary care insurance. I also pay for the health tests that are done in the breeding investigation. However, I want you to have the opportunity to take her to the vet to perform these, if I can not. I pay for your travel expenses to the vet.

I am also responsible for costs in connection with the show and extra expenses during the kitten period, ie. kitten food, pellets, insurance, the kittens' veterinary visits and any other breeding-related costs.  


As a feed host, you pay for the cat's everyday life, food, sand, claw trees, toys, etc.

When the female has passed into your possession, I want you to do another HCM scan at the age of 5, which I pay for.



Being a complete feed host according to SVERAK's agreement means that I as a breeder may take two litters on the female before the ownership passes to you as feed host, without any purchase price. Litter counts 2 live kittens / litter at 12 weeks of age. If only one live kitten is born in one of the litters, I have the right to take another litter. 

Half-feed agreements no longer exist with SVERAK.

Here you can read more about show and breeding.


Read about SVERAK's Terms and Conditions and obligations here  


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