Neva Masquerade is a breed many allergy sufferers tolerate, thanks to the fact that they have a lower content of the protein Fel-d1. It is found in the cat's saliva (which usually ends up in the fur when it washes), tears, skin and anal glands. The content of Error d1 varies from individual to individual. And is the largest in homes with many kittens, which get the protein through breastfeeding.

If you are allergic, I want you to visit first in our home when we do not have kittens and then when they have arrived. I do not accept only when we have kittens, as it can be misleading. It is also important to test your allergy in the female you want to buy a kitten from, as the content varies from individual to individual. When visiting, I want you to bring a pillowcase that we can iron against the cat, and then take home to sleep on for a couple of nights to see if a reaction occurs. The visit takes about an hour when you get to cuddle and feel for and get a little more information.

I sell a maximum of one kitten / litter to allergy sufferers, and I prefer to see that there is a contingency plan if it does not work.

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